Bulugh al Maram
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Bulugh Al-Maram is based upon the Ahadith of our Prophet which have been the sources of Islamic Jurisprudence. Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani has recorded the true significance of the Ahadith and their origins & also made a comparison of the versions, if the sources are more than one. Mashal... more

English Arabic Dictionaries - Dictionary of Islamic Terms

Dictionary of Islamic Terms (Arabic-English)

Dictionary of Islamic Terms (Arabic-English)

Code: R32
Price: $19.95

By: Deeb Al-Khudrawi
Pages: 720
Binding: Hardback
Size: 7x10" (17x24 cm)
Edition: First, 2004
Shipping Weight: 1.90 lbs
Publisher: Darussalam / Al-Yamamah

Dictionary of Islamic Terms English-Arabic & Arabic-English

Excellent dual-color dictionary, defining numerous Islamic terms. All the Arabic words are written in Red color while English is in Black. The Arabic words in the Arabic-English dictionary has transliteration of all the Arabic words.

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Books ->Women & Family ->Fiqh of Marriage in the Light of the Quran and Sunnah

Rights of Wife Covering the Dower, Wedding Night, Wedding Feast and Rights of the Husband and Wife In this book, the world renowned scholar of comparative fiqh, Dr. al-Sadlaan of Muhammad Ibn Saud University covers the most important topics realated to the fiqh of Marriage. He discusses the topics found in ... more

Books ->Women & Family ->Mingling Between Men and Women

Controversy in Islam Publisher's Note It is not a matter of controversy in Islam that mingling between men and women is prohibited or not. Rather it is a distinguishing feature of Islamic culture that men and women should remain separate and perform their duties in a most obliging manner. People who have insig... more

Books ->Muslim Character ->Book of Manners

The Book of Banners Among the many good deeds that the Prophet (S) guided us to and the evil that he (S) warned us about, are a set of manners that are comprehensive of worldly matters and religious matters, of worship and dealings - dealings with one's family, children, acquaintances, and strangers. On this subj... more

Books ->Hadith / Sunnah ->Jami' At-Tirmidhi (6 Vol. Set)

Sunan at Tirmidhi For the first time ever in English, after years of painstaking efforts at Dar-us-Salam, Jami' At-Tirmidhi is now available complete in 6 volumes! Like the other translations of the six books of hadith, Dar-us-Salam, has taken great care in correct translation, simple and clear modern English l... more

Books ->Fiqh (Islamic Law) ->Minhaj Al-Muslim (2 Vols)

Minhaj ul Quran Brief Overview A comprehensive work by the great scholar Abu Bakr Jabir Al-Jaza'ri comprising all that concerns a Muslim regarding creed, manners, providing direction for righteous character, acts of worship, and dealings with his colleagues. Vol 1: ISBN:1-59144-041-6 Pages: 496 Vol 2: IS... more
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